These general terms and conditions govern relationships between HITCH 3DPRINT PTE LTD, a Company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Singapore with its registered office at No. 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969 hereinafter referred to as "HITCH3DPRINT" on the one hand, and any individual or corporate entity wishing to make a distance purchase from the HITCH3DPRINT website “http://www.HITCH3DPRINT.com”, hereinafter referred to as the “CUSTOMER”, on the other hand. Products that the CUSTOMER has ordered are fulfilled by vendors that are engaged by HITCH3DPRINT, hereinafter referred to as the “PARTNER”.

The parties agree that orders made to HITCH3DPRINT via the Internet will be governed exclusively by these general terms and conditions. HITCH3DPRINT reserves the possibility of modifying its general terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the terms and conditions applicable will be those in force upon the date the order was made by the CUSTOMER. These general terms and conditions prevail over any other general or specific conditions to which HITCH3DPRINT has not expressly agreed.


  1. HITCH3DPRINT provides two types of 3D reproduction service.
  2. HITCH A PRINT. Based on a 3D CAD file supplied by the CUSTOMERHITCH3DPRINT will align CUSTOMERS with PARTNERS to manufacture/produce the PRODUCT according to their specifications (hereinafter referred to as the “Product”).
  3. BOOK A PRINT. For any additional manufacturing requirements (over and above the standard), HITCH3DPRINTwill align CUSTOMERS with PARTNERS to provide the PRODUCT with the additional manufacturing requirements.
  4. HITCH3DPRINT reserves the absolute right to refuse any order of Products and does not owe any Party any need for the reason for such refusal.


  1. HITCH3DPPRINT aligns Customers with PARTNERS for commissioning of 3D printing jobs. For HITCH A PRINT jobs, prices will be quoted by HITCH3DPRINT platform to Customers. For BOOK A PRINT,PARTNERS will provide Customers with the Price of the job after analysing additional requirements.
  2. All orders are payable in US currency only. Payment for HITCH A PRINTjobs shall be made by customers to HITCH3DPRINT via the website and in the manner of payment prescribed.
  3. HITCH3DPRINT reserves the right to change its prices at any time. CUSTOMERS are to log in to “http:// www.hitch3dprint.com” for the latest prices.
  4. CUSTOMERS are to take note of any customs and excise tax laws of their own jurisdiction and make provision for such payment when they receive delivery of the Products.


  1. CUSTOMERS wishing to place an order for a PRODUCT must do the following:
  • Upload a CAD file of their design onto the Platform. By doing this, the Customer warrants that the CAD file is Intellectual Property (IP) owned by themselves, or IP legally licensed to them.
  • Fill out the identification sheet on which they indicate all the requested contact details;
  • Fill out the online order form, giving all PRODUCT references (technologymaterial typeunit of measurement, etc.);
  • Validate their order after checking that their invoicing addressdelivery address and uploaded files are correct;
  • Make payment in accordance with the established conditions;
  • Confirm their order and payment.
  1. PARTNERS will do the following:
  • Order will be shipped within 7 days and tracking number will be provided by the PARTNER to the Customer and the Platform.
  • Order will be delivered to the Customer within 14 days upon shipping.
  • Upon Product being received by CUSTOMERPARTNERS shall keep the CUSTOMER’s CAD files for 30 days of storage. Thereafter, it shall be deleted completely (including all duplicate soft copies made for manufacturing purposes).
  1. Confirmation of the order implies acceptance of these general terms and conditions, recognition that the customer is fully aware and agree to these terms and conditions. Customers shall also acknowledge that they have waived their the use of their own contractual terms. or any other conditions.
  2. The CUSTOMER’s “click” on the “agree” button when making the order constitutes an electronic signature between the parties and has the same value as a written signature.


  1. A confirmation email summarising the order (description of the PRODUCTpricemanufacturing datedelivery date, etc.) will be sent to the CUSTOMER by HITCH3DPRINT.
  2. The PRODUCT sales contract is concluded when HITCH3DPRINT, after having had the possibility of checking the detail of the order and its total price, as well as correcting any errors, has confirmed it. HITCH3DPRINT reserves the right to reject the order and reimburse the CUSTOMER. Reimbursement is made by any means of payment within a 14 day.
  3. HITCH3DPRINTwill send an email confirming its acceptance of the order.
  4. Data recorded and kept by HITCH3DPRINTconstitutes proof of all transactions carried out between HITCH3DPRINT and its CUSTOMERS.


  1. In the event the materials used in the manufacture of PRODUCTS are unavailable, the following shall be applicable:
    • Permanent unavailability: HITCH3DPRINT& their PARTNERS undertakes to offer PRODUCTS with similar characteristics or to refund the Purchase Price within 30 days.


  1. PARTNERS are solely responsible for deliveries take place within the time periods set out in the email confirming the order and deliveries abroad as soon as possible following receipt of payment for the order. The timeframes indicated upon validation of the order are average usual timeframes and correspond to the time required for handling and delivery. The timeframe is fixed. PARTNERS are to complete order and ship out within 7 business days. PARTNERS are to engage delivery service that can fulfil delivery within 14 days upon shipment.
  2. HITCH3DPRINTundertakes to inform the CUSTOMER of any foreseen delays in delivery.
  3. The PRODUCTSwill be delivered to the address indicated by the CUSTOMER on the order.
  4. Ownership of the PRODUCTS, and the associated risks, will be transferred to the CUSTOMER as soon as the products are manufactured and put in a deliverable state (at the PARTNER’s Premises) and the PARTNER duly informs CUSTOMER that the PRODUCTS are ready to be shipped.
  5. Any irregularity concerning the PRODUCTS, it is the responsibility of the customer to send a notification by email accompanied by a copy of the letter by ordinary mail to HITCH3DPRINT within 7 Failure to do so will be treated as PRODUCT duly accepted and completed.


  1. Cards accepted for payment are MasterCard and Visa. Customers with PayPal accounts are also welcome. Payment is made online directly using PayPal only. Customers may make payment with their PayPal user account or PayPal Guest account.


  1. CUSTOMERS are allowed to cancel their request as long as it is not picked up by PARTNERS. The amount will be credited into CUSTOMER’s e-wallet within 1 Customer will get the full amount back within 7 business days upon withdrawal.


  1. PARTNERSprovides its CUSTOMERS with a guarantee that the PRODUCTS conforms to the following standards:
    1. ISO/ASTM DIS 52901:2017 (Additive Manufacturing – General Principles –Requirements for Purchased AM Parts)
    2. ISO/ASTM 52900:2015 (Additive Manufacturing – General Principles –Terminology)
  2. CUSTOMERS are fully responsible for the accuracy of their 3D CAD files which they have submitted to HITCH3DPRINT for quotation. HITCH3DPRINT and their PARTNERS shall not be liable for any structural deficiency of the PRODUCT which is attributable to poor or unsustainable design flaws.
  3. HITCH3DPRINTcannot be deemed responsible for consequences inherent to the individual CUSTOMER, such as allergic reactions to the materials used for manufacturing the PRODUCT, or if the personalised PRODUCT fails to satisfy the CUSTOMER due to his own personal.
  4. HITCH3DPRINT may not be held responsible in the event of failure in the stock of primary materials, delay in delivery, strikes (including transport strikes) or force majeure or, in a more general sense, for any event not exclusively and directly attributable to it.
  5. HITCH3DPRINT’s liability shall be limited to the total amount paid by the CUSTOMER for their current order.
  6. CUSTOMERS transmit their images in the form of a file and undertake not to transmit files containing viruses or programmes which destroy data. CUSTOMERS must keep a copy of the file and HITCH3DPRINT cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss or destruction of files transmitted by the CUSTOMER.


  1. The images, drawings, designs, texts, names and logos appearing on the “http:// www.HITCH3DPRINT.com” website are the property of HITCH3DPRINTand/or their PARTNERS and are thus protected by intellectual property rights and usage rights held by HITCH3DPRINT and/or their PARTNERS.
  2. All CUSTOMERS who send HITCH3DPRINT an image, drawing or design (the “IMAGE”) guarantee that they are the author or holder of all intellectual property rights for this IMAGE and that they have not infringed any intellectual property rights by sending this IMAGE. The CUSTOMER undertakes to indemnify HITCH3DPRINT against any claims by third parties. The CUSTOMER will retain ownership of the IMAGE sent to HITCH3DPRINT. The CUSTOMER grants HITCH3DPRINT a licence for the single use of their IMAGE to carry out their order.
  3. Any dispute with respect to Intellectual Property issues shall be subject to Singapore Law and the Courts of Singapore will be the jurisdiction.


  1. As far as possible, HITCH3DPRINT will conform to the Protection of Personal Data Act (Statute gazetted in Singapore) and the Data Protection conventions, nominative information relating to CUSTOMERS may be the subject of automated handling.
  2. HITCH3DPRINT reserves the right to gather information on CUSTOMERS, including through the use of cookies, and, if it wishes, to transmit the information gathered to its commercial partners.


  1. These online general terms and conditions are governed by Singapore law.
  2. The parties will endeavour to resolve any disagreements which may arise between them concerning the interpretation, partial or total execution or non-performance of these general terms and conditions in an amicable fashion.
  3. For HITCH3DPRINT jobs, in the event of any dispute over the quality of the final PRODUCTHITCH3DPRINT and shall assign their own engineer to examine the alleged non-conformance to design or poor quality of manufacturing. Thereupon, the engineer’s findings shall be final. If the product is of acceptable industrial standards, the Customer will have to accept the delivery without protest. If the product is off-specification in terms of conformance to design or manufacturing standards, the PARTNERS shall either (a) replace the faulty Product with an acceptable one at their own expense; or (b) refund Customers with the price of the purchase.
  4. The CUSTOMER should contact both HITCH3DPRINT and the PARTNERS as a priority in order to obtain an amicable solution.
  5. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, the dispute shall be brought to the Singapore Courts and Singapore Laws will apply.